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Discover the authentic flavors of Tuscany on our unique food tours which combine hands-on cooking classes, sightseeing, nature walks, and wine tasting.
What more enjoyable way is there to reach Italy’s heart than through preparing and sampling the dishes belonging to its local, traditional cuisines? It is with this idea in mind, along with our passionate commitment to, and thorough knowledge of, the country’s variegated culture and culinary traditions that our food tours were conceived. Al Fresco is affiliated with A.C.S.I. (Associazione Culturale Sportiva Dilettantistica e del Tempo Libero). It is a nonprofit national club intended to promote recreational, sports-related and social activities and offers a variety of options to its members, including amateur sports and cultural, educational, recreational, and tourism-related activities. All those who take part in A.C.S.I. events must be card-holding members of the association.

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